MG3B-1D لوپ دستی – رومیزی مدل MG3B-1D

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این لوپ هم میتوانید به عنوان ذره بین دستی عمل کند و هم لوپ رو میزی. دارای 10 LED و کیفیت زوم مناسب می باشد.


Belongs to desk-type/handheld dual purpose, easier and more convenient to use.
– 10 annularly-arranged high brightness LEDs which have soft bright and can alleviate visual fatigue.
– When with plug-in function, batteries will automatically shut off.
– A portable tool for your work, also a good choice for a nice and usful gift
– Application range: Offices, medicine, military affairs, reading, home furnishing, outdoor map operation, archaeology, mineral prospecting, antiques appreciation.
Main Lens:1.8x138mm
Auxiliary Lnes:5x25mm

Package included

– 1 x Magnifier Lamp with 10 LED Lights
– 1 x Power Adapter

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لوپ دستی - رومیزی مدل MG3B-1D
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