MG81002 ذره بین پیشانی 4 لنز مدل MG81002

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دارای 4 لنز با بزرگنمایی های 1.2X, 1.8X, 2.5X, 3.5X بوده که می توان آن ها را درون هدبند قرار داد و مورد استفاده قرار داد.


Unit weight: 458g
MaterialOptical acrylic, Eco-friendly plastic
Magnification 1.2X,1.8X,2.5X,3.5X
Battery3 LR927 button cells include
Head strap easily adjusts using the bush button
Has up to 3.5X magnification with a combination of fixed, flip-up and monocle lens plates
CE, Factory Audit, ISO9001:2000
High quality and wholesale price


Can be used to manufacture and process high precision products, such as watchmaking
Also for mini circuits, machinery parts, camera, electric chemical product, computer checking and repairing
Suitable for works of dentists, beast doctors, and beauty staffs
For jewel processing, sewing, embroidery, stamp collection
For reading, drawing, handicrafts, fishing hobbies, etc
For garden maintenance, indoor gardening
Excellent as gifts to promote the brand and business

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ذره بین پیشانی 4 لنز مدل MG81002
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